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For a sparkling, smear-free finish to all types of glass, with just water.

Ideal for cleaning the inside and outside of windows, mirrors and finishing all shiny surfaces.


This cloth incorporates micro particles of silver, a natural material with powerful antibacterial properties, to rapidly kill bacteria caught in the cloth.

How to use
Spray a little water onto the glass and wipe with the dry cloth. Refold and repeat as necessary.

Guaranteed machine washable at least 100 times at 60C.



Customer Reviews

"This cloth really is fantastic. Windows and glass are smear free, they should be advertised on telly."

Janice A Fitton | Wednesday 13 July, 2011 | 5/5

"Why does'nt everyone have at least two of these cloths. They are the best thing since sliced bread was invented. I could'nt believe the finish on my windows the first time I used one of these cloths. I have since bought many for my daughters, friends and neighbours, who also can't believe they are so good. WELL DONE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Yvonne Hickman | Wednesday 12 January, 2011 | 5/5

"FANTASTIC then I bought all the other cloths - and just as BRILLIANT - thank you."

Jenny Kirton | Saturday 28 August, 2010 | 5/5

" Your glass cleaning cloth is absolutely amazing. Cleaning windows, glass coffee table and many other surfaces has always been a chore I hate, now I love the ease with which I can make the surfaces shine! Fantastic product, why didn't I find it before now?! Stores who stock your products should have major in-store promotions, sales would rocket."

Pam Robbins | Friday 27 August, 2010 | 5/5

"This cloth is absolutely Brilliant no smearing at all, super easy and fast to use I still can't believe how amazing it is! I've since bought an extra one and also 2 each of the kitchen, bathroom and multipurpose cloths which are just as amazing I've raved about these cloths to all my friends and family and work colleagues some of which have went and bought them or plan to. I cant recommend these products enough you gotta see for yourselves. I only wish I knew about them before now! Will never buy any other cloths again can't wait until I have the whole range!"

Elizabeth Fulton | Wednesday 07 July, 2010 | 5/5

"I bought one of these cloths and it is amazing i use it on my granite worktops, my windows , my shiny black fridge, my mirrors and then when its dirty i bung in the washing machine and it is as good as new, now recommend to everyone i know."

claudia vincent | Tuesday 30 March, 2010 | 5/5

"I recently bought the glass cleaning cloth,and find it absolutely amazing.Its hard to beleive that it relly does as your advertisemen says on the packet.Well done for a brilliant cloth"

Rodney Hamilton | Monday 22 March, 2010 | 5/5

"This cloth is amazing. Not only has it made my cut glass and mirrors sparkle, it's great for stainless steel, chrome and formica. My home has never looked so shiny!"

Lois Bennett | Sunday 21 March, 2010 | 5/5

"I purchased the glass cleaning cloth yesterday (8 March 2010) from Morrisons.......WOW I cannot believe what a godsend this is.... It really does as it says and it took me seconds to clean a big window, and unlike chemicals, it does not leave any streaks. The BEST glass cleaning product ever. FAB! Will be trying the other cloths and buying some more of these."

Janette Mee | Monday 08 March, 2010 | 5/5

"As other people have already stated - it does exactly what it says it can do. Glass and mirrors have never been so good"

margaret turner | Saturday 06 March, 2010 |

"To find a product which does exactly what it says on the box is quite rare. This one does. Top quality merchandise."

Simon Whitehead | Saturday 27 February, 2010 | 5/5

"This is a great product, my windows and mirrors have never been so easy to clean with sparkling results. The best buy ever."

Deborah Rozee | Wednesday 27 January, 2010 | 5/5

"Great value for money. A friend introduced me to these grest clothes and I have been looking everywhere for replacements."

AMANDA BURKE | Wednesday 20 January, 2010 | 5/5

"Really excellent the only comment i have is they are hard to find!!!"

june polonski | Wednesday 04 November, 2009 | 5/5

" this is the most amazing glass cleaner ive ever used!! ive spent loads over the yrs on glass cleaner only for it to leave smear after smear...this is the only product i tried that DOES NOT!!
i must admit i did think it would be like all the others a waste of money especially as you only use water,but what a surprise this is by far more fact i went to my local supermarket and bought all the other cloths in the range!!"

jane crabb | Monday 19 October, 2009 | 5/5

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